First, we started with the idea to make the best pages possible for the most uses. Best means CLEAR and not having a translucent or hazy appearance! Best means all the pages are uniform in size for a professional appearance. Best means a variety of sizes to meet every collector's needs.

Second, we chose the right material: polypropylene. Period. Nothing beats polypropylene for long term storage. Polypropylene is the ideal choice because it contains no PVC. The Library of Congress considers polypropylene as an archival safe material. Not only that, but it has better resistance to heat and cooling and brittleness that you may have experienced in the past with vinyl pages.

Third, we increased the size of the pages to accommodate envelopes that fit larger items. The 6-pocket Traditional page system fits smaller collectables. For our Scout patch collectors, this means our 3-pocket system holds flaps and CSPs without being crunched into your pages. For JSPs and oversized flaps, our 4-pocket system will solve your storage needs and maximize your storage capacity. In our 2-pocket Traditional pages, you can display two pieces together - the way that they ought to be! And for those slightly larger item, the Jumbo 2-pocket page give versitility by using a 2/3 page envelope - called the Jumbo 2-pocket envelope. The 1-pocket page system will hold you larger items like paper certificates, neckerchiefs and jacket patches.

Fourth, we have the most flexible way for you to organize all types of collections. Our pages will accommodate a large variety of shapes and sizes. Please see product page for specific measurements. For our 4-pocket page, we offer both horizontal and vertical formatting on our cards to give you maximum flexibility in displaying your collection. Information cards are included with envelopes.

Fifth, we listen to our customer's needs. That's why we created our 6-Pocket Scout Page in two varieties. We have added the 1-pocket page system to fit larger items. From our customers feedback - we created the 6-Pocket Traditional Page system for 3" rounds.

Sixth, and certainly not least, our product was 100% made with pride in the U.S.A.

In fact, we are so confident in our product line that we have copyrighted it and have patents pending. We are here and here to stay.

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"We look forward to seeing your collection in Best Hobby Pages soon!"

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